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Monitoring Matters

We always talk about the importance of regular foot checks. Well, times like these put those healthy habits to the test. While many people have rescheduled annual appointments and only opted for emergency visits, it’s still important to do regular foot checks. This monitoring makes the difference when you come back for a regularly scheduled appointment. The doctors at New England Podiatry Associates want to share the benefits of making, and keeping those appointments:

Ring the alarm

As your podiatrist team, we’re here for you. This means we want to address any problems as quickly as possible. We are in the best position to do so when we learn early of any problems or challenges our patients may be facing. Checking your feet regularly allows you to keep us updated on any changes or concerns you may have about your feet or ankles. With many conditions, the treatment can be fast and simple. Other conditions you may need additional time, attention, and treatments.

Highlight healthy habits

Why not begin a healthy habit? Doing regular foot checks is an effective way to get into a rhythm of living a healthy lifestyle from your head to your toes. For parents, this is also another method of modeling foot hygiene for your children. From washing and drying your feet regularly, to how to properly trim toenails. Keep up the good work.

Know the difference

One of the best benefits of daily foot monitoring results in knowing when to call your podiatrist. It will enable you to better understand when to ring the alarm. Self-awareness of changes to your feet also helps you to have a more confident conversation with your podiatrist. Remember, you know your body, and that helps medical providers, including your foot doctor, have a conversation with you about any concerns you may have. 

Have you heard the news? Our Newton-Wellesley office location has reopened with limited hours. Our Chestnut Hill office location remains open during regular business hours. Please contact us to make an appointment. During the interim, keep up the great work of daily foot checks. Call us at 617-232-1752. If you think you are experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, we kindly request that you reschedule your podiatry appointment, and contact your primary care physician.

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