Who Needs A Podiatrist?

If you have foot or ankle problems, the answer is simple: you need a podiatrist. Although many people assume that podiatrists are only useful for very specific foot and ankle issues, the truth is that we’re here to help with everything ranging from an ingrown toenail to a  bunion to a fracture. The doctors at  New England Podiatry Associates are among the 15,000 practicing podiatrists in the United States. Get familiar with the field of podiatry. You’ll quickly learn how much a podiatrist can become a part of your care team and meet your needs. 

Do podiatrists go to medical school?

Yes, a podiatrist has undergraduate medical school training. They then attend graduate school to receive a doctorate in podiatry. Each podiatrist is required to take state and national exams; a podiatrist must also be licensed in the state in which they practice.

Can young people benefit from a podiatrist?

Yes, although our aging bodies often increase the demand for foot and ankle attention, younger people also have foot problems. Young athletes are prone to foot and ankle injuries; young children can have ingrown toenails, warts, and more; and toddlers may have flat feet or other conditions that impact their movement.

I don’t have any issues now. Are there benefits of going to a podiatrist?

Podiatrists are in the business of helping to not only solve foot problems but also prevent them. If your family has a history of foot issues, if you play a sport, or if you simply have questions about the right kind of running shoes, visit a podiatrist.

I saw orthotics at my local pharmacy. Why should I make another stop?

Podiatrists can create custom-made orthotics to address your individual foot needs. These orthotics last longer and make a big difference in reducing pain. Still have questions? Schedule a visit by calling (617) 630-8280. You can visit our doctors at two locations: Chestnut Hill, which serves Norfolk, Suffolk, and Middlesex counties; and Newton Wellesley Hospital, which serves Middlesex County.

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