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The Right Foods for Your Bones

When was the last time you took a closer look at your plate? Do you have protein, vegetables, sources of calcium, and more? The New England Podiatry Associates know a healthy body means healthy, strong bones. The result: A lower risk of weak ankles and fractures. For older patients, strong bones also reduce the risk of falls. Here are three ways to boost your calcium and vitamin D levels:

Fun in the sun

Daylight Saving Time has begun, which means more fun in the sun (with sunblock and hydration, of course). Healthy doses of the sun are a great source of vitamin D. We encourage patients to protect their skin and reapply sunblock as needed.

Delicious dairy

Dairy products are among the most common options for additional calcium. Milk, yogurt, cheese, and ice cream are delicious options that are great for all ages. Involve the whole family while bringing in more calcium to your diet. Fun treats are another way to sweeten the invitation.

Valuable vegan options

Dairy isn’t the only way to get calcium. For our vegan patients, we recommend green, leafy vegetables. Broccoli and cabbage are examples. Beans, peas, and lentils are also nutrient-rich foods with a variety of benefits. Don’t forget about soybeans, seaweed, and more. Consult your doctor or nutritionist about the best ways to improve your diet.

This National Nutrition Month, keep your eye on your calcium and vitamin D intake. Have fun in the sun and pack your plate with the right foods. At New England Podiatry Associates, Dr. Michael Hass, Dr. Alan Green, Dr. Stephen Tubridy, Dr. Ronald Etskovitz, Dr. Raymond Murano III, and Dr. Catherine Jacobs treat various conditions such as sports injuries, foot and ankle pain, pediatric foot care, ingrown toenails, and flat feet. Equipped with a board-certified podiatrist team, we offer two convenient locations to provide excellent care for patients in Norfolk, Suffolk, and Middlesex Counties. Contact our Chestnut Hill office at 617-232-1752 and our Newton-Wellesley office at 617-630-8280. We are still offering a telemedicine option for your safety and convenience.

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