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Raise Awareness During American Diabetes Month

We can’t close out the month without raising awareness during American Diabetes Month. Diabetes is a condition that impacts many of our patients and can create complications for feet and ankles. The doctors at  New England Podiatry Associates also know the holidays can present challenges. We’re here to help you enjoy a delicious meal while staying on top of your health goals.

Enjoy a balanced meal

A diabetes diagnosis isn’t the end of enjoying delicious meals. It does, however, require a few adjustments to manage your blood sugar. The American Diabetes Association recommends choosing a meal plan with less added sugars and less processed foods. You can keep fruits, vegetables, and lean meats or plant-based sources of protein on the menu.

Eat with confidence

Before you sit down for your meal, check your blood sugar. We recommend blood sugar checks throughout the day to leave time for any adjustments. From setting timers to having a family member remind you of scheduled checks, start the day off well, and eat your holiday meal with confidence.

Everything in moderation

If there’s a sweet treat you can safely eat, choose a small piece. Remember you can still enjoy leftovers the next day. Go to bed feeling satisfied with your meal and in the safe zone with your blood sugar level.

End the speculation

If you’ve been experiencing foot or ankle pain, now is the time to make an appointment. We want you to continue the holiday season without wondering about the cause of your pain. If you discover a new wound or notice a cut is slow to heal, make an appointment with us as soon as possible. We want to help you prevent infection.

We wish you and your family a safe and healthy time of celebration. We’re here to support your foot, and ankle needs this holiday season. Call us at 617-232-1752 to make an appointment. Our Chestnut Hill and Newton-Wellesley offices are open. We are still offering a telemedicine option for your safety and convenience.